Tis the Season! – Welcome to Reality!

By Debbie Hutto, Caley Ridge

Is it possible that the holidays are already descending upon us like a freight train roaring down the tracks?
This is the time of year for families, friends, visits, gatherings and reconnections! Perhaps you are visiting the folks who live out of state, or Aunt Betty who recently lost her […]

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Finding a Job After 50

If you’re unemployed and part of the Boomer Generation, you may be wondering how you go about finding a job after 50 in the increasing competitive job market? A recent study conducted by AARP, reveals that not only can it be difficult to find a new job for those over 50, but a new job […]

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When Kids Move Back Home

Recently, our 21 year old daughter, who is entering her senior year in college this fall, shared her post-graduation plans with her mother and me; she’s moving back home as soon as she finishes school (just four months from now). She will become part of the “Boomerang Generation”, when kids move back home after having […]

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Boomers are the New Entrepreneurs

When one thinks of entrepreneurship, the image of a young, enthusiastic thirty to forty year old may come to mind. A Gallup survey conducted earlier this year, however, came to a different conclusion. Boomers are the new entrepreneurs, starting new businesses at twice the rate of millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000).
Contrary to their […]

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Caring for Mom and Dad

We all want to make sure our parents are taken care of as they age. Luckily, there are many resources that can help when caring for mom and dad (see our directory). It can still be difficult when you are working, however, as you may have children of your own at home, or have other obligations […]

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Do You Want Your Parents to Move in With You?

By Karen Owen-Lee, “The Senior Expert”

You might consider having you loved one move into your house. Instantly, your life will change so think about this long and hard. Here are a few pros and cons regarding your decision:

Pros: My friend Melanie Thompson had her mother move into her house two years ago because she could […]

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Emergency Room Visits With Seniors

By Karen Owen-Lee, “The Senior Expert”

At some point in time, a senior loved one will need emergency care. Are you prepared?

According to article “Health and Safety Checklist for Seniors” by the American College of Emergency Physicians, 15% of all visits to the emergency departments were by people ages 65 and older. That number is expected […]

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Medicaid Spend Down- What Does It Mean?

By Debbie Hutto, Caley Ridge

As our aging population turns towards assisted living communities to satisfy their increasing needs and challenges, they are being met with another entirely different challenge-affording their new home.

Many seniors have prepared themselves for assisted living, both emotionally and financially. Funds may not be an issue, so for them, there are dozens […]

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5 Steps to Your Retirement Roadmap

By Herb White, MBA, CFP – Life Certain Wealth Strategies

Meet Joe. He is 62, employed and clueless about his financial future. Joe is in the majority. Like 51% of consumers in a recent study, Joe has only guessed how much income he will need when he retires. He hasn’t done the math nor has he […]

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Are You a Planner?

By Diane C. Brown 

I’ve always been a planner. I think I learned this from my mother. She planned everything! We plan for small events and BIG events!

We plan for parties for birthdays and retirements, Christmas and other holidays.
We plan vacations and even just short weekend road trips. You wouldn’t want to set out on an […]

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