If you enjoyed playing Battleship as a kid, try playing against your computer using this online version of the game.

Click Here to Play




You’ll need to be a quick thinker to score high!

Use the space bar to start and the arrow keys to rotate the shapes.

Click Here to Begin


Connect the Dots

Click below to use the interactive whiteboard to draw 4 straight lines that connect all 9 dots – and lines must be continuous!

Only 5 people are allowed on the whiteboard at a time, so you might have to wait your turn.

Ready to start, CLICK HERE


Dots & Boxes

Here’s a old favorite – draw lines between dots and try to make more squares than your opponent (the computer).

Seems easy, but takes a bit of strategy!

Click Here to test your skill!



How many squares can you find in the image?

It’s harder than it looks!

Think you know? Here’s the Answer



Ready to try triangles?

How many can you count?

When you’re ready for the answer, Click Here


Classic TV

How well do you know your classic television from the 50s, 60s & 70s?

Give this crossword a try and post how well you did on facebook.

Click Here for the Crossword Puzzle



Who remembers this game from the 70s?

Think you’re as good as you were back then?

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This has to be one of the best video arcade games of all time. Be honest, how many quarters did you spend on this classic?

To play the game, click on the game first, then press “N” (for New) on your keyboard. Use the arrows on your keyboard to control pacman.

Ready to play? Click Here


Space Invaders

Here’s another great video arcade game from the late 70s early 80s.

You may need to adjust your browser window size for it to fit right (otherwise you have way too much “duck and cover” space on a wide screen monitor). Then click “Instructions” for how to play. FYI – I wasn’t able to start a new game without refreshing the screen. (sorry, no sound)

To start playing, Click Here


How Big is It?

We’ve all seen diagrams of the solar system, but none are to scale. The reason is that they just wouldn’t fit in most books or even on a computer monitor…until now. Josh Worth created a scale model with the moon the size of a single pixel.

View it Here!


Empty Space

If you followed the link above, you discovered just how immense the solar system is and how much space is between the planets.. But did you know that an atom, like the solar system is mostly made up of empty space?

If you compressed all the empty space in your body down to the nuclei, do you think you might be as small as an M&M? Smaller? You might be surprised!

Read this article at


More Squares

Now that you’re thinking about M&Ms, try to figure out how many squares you can make in the image on the left by drawing straight lines between groups of four M&Ms.

Ready for the answer? Click Here!


Been Anywhere?

Where have you been in the last 24 hours? I don’t mean “where in the world have you been”, but rather, “where in the universe?” I’ll bet you have no idea just how far you’ve traveled in the last 24 hours.

Hold on tight to the chair you’re sitting in because you’re actually moving really fast through the universe right now!

Click Here to find out how far you’re going today


All Stretched Out

DNA, located in the nucleus of each cell in hyour body is an extremely efficient data storage medium. Just 4 oz. of DNA could store all the information in the world (scientists are now working on computers that will actually use DNA to store data rather than conventional hard drives).

So how much DNA do you have in your body? If you could line up each strand, end to end, how far would it reach?

A Mile, 10 miles? Click here to find out.


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